July 3, 2009
Lyra Kilston

Sonya and Layla Go Camping, the latest performance by New York-based choreography/dance duo robbinschilds (Layla Childs and Sonya Robbins), incorporated raw celery, the hands of God and a simulated campfire into a Möbius strip of movement, video and meta-choreography. The piece opened with three dancers taking down half a dozen camping tents... (more)


December 22, 2008
Frances Richard

The project called "C.L.U.E. (color location ultimate experience)," installed in the museum’s Shaft Project Space, comprises the following: a series of looped videos on monitors in the closet-size gallery, with a driving instrumental sound track playing softly and piles of rainbow-dyed clothing stashed here and there; a projection, on a wall outside the museum, of a related video accompanied by similar music on headphones, beginning daily at dusk and visible through a window in the stairwell beside the gallery; and intermittent performances by the choreographic duo in the videos... (more)

New York Times Dance Review

December 8, 2007
Claudia La Rocca

Many Americans harbor a mythical California of the mind: not the ephemeral Hollywood world of tabloid trash and tans, but an idea of open space and giant natural forms, of dust-wreathed taco stands and endless highways running along the Pacific... (more)

New York Times Art in Review

March 30, 2007
Holland Cotter

Like a terpsichorean Thelma and Louise, these dancers are on a journey, progressing through various American landscapes. They begin at a beach, move through futuristic architecture (in Albany I think), then to the desert and into the mountains, ending up in a nighttime mall parking lot... (more)


March 28, 2007
Brian Sholis

Some artworks command dissertations; others exemplify a joie de vivre that instills in viewers a desire to re-create them. C. L. U. E. (color location ultimate experience) Part 1, 2007, a new video created by A. L. Steiner in collaboration with the dance duo robbinschilds, falls squarely into the latter camp. After watching it several times on one of the first warm days of spring, I wanted nothing more than to hit the open road with a video camera in hand and a friend in the passenger seat... (more)

Time Out New York

April 12, 2007
Lauren Cornell

C.L.U.E. is an energizing experience. Set to a score by rock quartet Kinski and edited in succinct, animated sequences, it plays fast and tight, like a music video. Each sequence occurs in a separate outdoor setting and features robbinschilds in matching, rainbow-bright monochromatic outfits that emphasize the dancers' physical resemblance... (more)

New York Times Arts & Leisure

"Romance Has Its Ups and Downs, And So Does This Unlikely Stage"
June 11, 2006
Gia Kourlas

Finding the entrance of Autumn Bowl, an indoor pit for skateboarders tucked inside an industrial factory on the Brooklyn waterfront, is a bit harrowing -- especially at 7 a.m., when the streets are deserted and the air is still dusty with particles from the fire last month that destroyed part of the neighboring Terminal Market Building in Greenpoint. "Kids go in there," said a man standing next to his truck and gesturing to a metal doorway. His friend uttered the three ominous words "Don't go alone" and offered to escort me inside... (more)

New York Press

March 2005
Chris Dose

Half Space, a quintet made by robbinschilds (Sonya Robbins and Layla Childs), haunts its eerie mise en scene, combining partially inert, floor bound bodies with syncopated fidgets, sideways cantering and odd gestural specificity... (more)

Dance Theatre Journal

Spatial Influence: Choreography in New York
Volume 21, 2005
Jenn Joy

Half Space (2005) choreographed and performed by robbinschilds explores a fantastical relationship to architecture transforming the stage of Dance Theater Workshop into a hotel ballroom. Emerging from a pile of carpets, Robbins and Childs, confound easy representation, their bodies camouflauged like textiles within the space... (more)