New York Press

March 2005
Chris Dose

Half Space, a quintet made by robbinschilds (Sonya Robbins and Layla Childs), haunts its eerie mise en scene, combining partially inert, floor bound bodies with syncopated fidgets, sideways cantering and odd gestural specificity. AJ Blandford's (with robbinschilds) set, composed from fragments of a hotel's ballroom, plays with depth and scale. As the dancers ( Childs, Robbins, Rachael Faulkner, Michael Helland and Leslie Kraus) transiently inhabit the set's elements , the eye is teased into roaming the space between bodies and catching seemingly casual yet complex and surprising compositional correspondences.

Dream like incongruity drives a collage of sounds by Rosten Woo, accruing from robbinschilds' remarkably realized movement invention into a David Lynchian logic, as fractured, recurring images, sometimes haughty, erupt from bodies that seem to be tossed about, discarded on the stage.

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