Presented by

Dance Theater Workshop

Conceived & Choreographed by


Performed by

Layla Childs
Leslie Kraus
Michael Helland
Rachael Faulkner
Sonya Robbins

Lighting Design by

Brian Aldous

Original Music by

Dan Crane
Rosten Woo

Sound Design by

Rosten Woo

Costume Design by

Ellis Kreuger

Set Design by


Sculpture by

AJ Blandford

Photography by

Julieta Cervantes
Matt Porter
A.L. Steiner

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Half Space


A 40-minute quintet, Half Space expores the relationship between human movement and architecture. The piece, which features a stage transformed by endless rolls of carpet runners, piles of chairs and a massive chandelier, sets out to excavate through the many layers of time and energy contained within a hotel ballroom. Inside this built environment, five characters traverse in an interstitial space through three states of being: inanimate, human and extra-pedestrian.