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I came here on my own.

World Premier September 2012, Art in General NYC

I came here on my own is robbinschilds' current video and performance work in-progress. While questioning gender, landscape and national identity during a 2009 residency in New Zealand robbinschilds encountered NZ's archetypal 'Man Alone' trope. This estranged mythic male recurs as a theme in the literature and art of New Zealand in the last century. In I came here on my own, the artists partially intend to reframe the 'Man Alone' concept from a female focused, feminist perspective. robbinschilds reframes "Man Alone" with the depiction of two simultaneous but individual experiences of "Woman Alone". In a feminist reworking of the trope, robbinschilds subverts such archetypal "male" characteristics as man in nature, the lone traveler and the questing hero. The project, envisioned as a diptych, depicts two simultaneous, similiar but separate journeys. Their respective pathways are displayed as near-mirror images of one another yet each remains alone in her solo experience.

As a collaborative duo working together for the past 8 years, themes of symbiosis, doubling and shared authorship are at the forefront of robbinschilds' current investigations. Whereas early robbinschilds' projects were primarily centered around the interplay between built installation and choreography, their more recent works have begun to ask more conceptual questions. The creation process itself, specifically the collaborative dialogue, has found it's way into their performance material thus revealing the inner workings of their particular dynamic. robbinschilds asks the viewer to consider the boundaries around authorship and in this way challenge notions of a singular maker.

Currently in development, the new work will culminate to include a live performance and diptych video, scheduled to premiere at Art in General in September 2012. The development of I came here on my own. has been supported in part by generous funding from Art Matters and the MAP fund.